obverse (plural obverses)

  1. The heads side of a coin, or the side of a medal or badge that has the principal design.
    The medal had a cross on the obverse and had a name inscribed on the reverse.
  2. (logic) The double negative of a statement e.g. All men are mortal => No men are immortal


7 letters in word "obverse": B E E O R S V.

Anagrams of obverse:

Words found within obverse:

be bee beer beers bees bere beres bes bever bevers bevor bevors bo bor bore boree borees bores bors bos bree brees breve breves bro bros brose ee er ere eres eros erose ers es eve ever eves evoe ob obe obes obese obeser obs oe oes or orb orbs ore ores ors os ose over overs re reb rebs ree rees res rev revs rob robe robes robs roe roes rose rove roves see seer ser sere serve servo sever so sob sober soever sorb sore soree sov vee veer veers vees verb verbs vers verse verso voe voes vor vors